Aggressive Job Search Strategies difficult market


For those who are out of job and frustrating and fruitless job search, you must use every method possible to get a job again. In the IT and software, as well as in most areas, “there are jobs out there.” We could be in a deep slump, with no chance of it ends up in the near future. But this idea is a self fulfilling prophecy. Proactive people get new jobs every day. Again, you have to do whatever it takes to get your career back on track, today!

You will make you the most employable candidate and you can get that new job. If you lack a strong interviewing skills, then get them now. If your resume does not convey a convincing argument for why you should be hired, then find someone to assist you. If you do not stand a positive and proactive image and attitude, then change it. All the tools you need are available. You just need to use them.

I see far too many people who seriously impair their own job search. They do not know what they want, or they know what they want, but they are not eligible, unless they get more training. They are unwilling to even consider the position at a lower level. Remember, the longer you’re out of work, the harder it will be to find a position comparable to the last one. Still, for some of you, a career change may be the only hope of employment. If so, get good unbiased advice, get training, and those from more marketable position, start looking.

Certainly, you can contact all Head Hunters you want, or you can send new every job board that interests you. But if you’ve been walking these passive leads towards a new job for three to six months without success, then it’s time to start running! It’s time to envision yourself working and regain self respect and self-confidence. If your vision is strong enough, it will become a reality.

Research and utilize social media and other networks. Contact companies directly – even if it means knocking on doors of businesses and ask to speak with the appropriate hiring person. I know this may sound extreme, but these are the most difficult times that call for bold and innovative action. Contacts alumni from your alma mater; contact everyone you’ve worked with in the past who has even a remote chance to help you. Follow every lead. Call, e-mail and SMS to the point of being overwritten. And last but not least, do it now!

If you do not have to be ultra-assertive, then get a career coach to help you find and develop these important skills. Bottom line: you need to take you on auto-pilot and break through obstacles that are between you and the job you want. You might be angry, depressed, scared, terror, or feeling sorry for you, but honestly, companies could care less. They need people with the right mindset to give them 150% effort from the get-go, and they are people who are “acing” interviews and landing jobs.

I hope my call to arms encourages you to develop a winning strategy and a winning attitude to that employer “to” the best choice for the job. Stop listening to the naysayers and cynics who sap your energy and poison proud. Forget about the media and the endless barrage of negativity. I know you can do it, and deep down, you know you can do it too. So, be ready, be professional, be positive and get out there and do it! Soon you will be moving up in success, rather than sinking into failure.


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