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Best Job Search Techniques


Hundreds of thousands of sites were obtained by job seekers last month, so employers are indeed hiring. If you are frustrated in your job search, then maybe you should reconsider your job search plan. Here is a recap of job search techniques and how to get the most out of them.

Job Boards

The first thing a job seeker do is head for the job boards. After all, is not it exciting to find a position that fit you like a glove? The chief problem is that job boards are the most competitive way to way to find a position and have the least chance of success – usually less than 5% of jobs are filled this way, according to industry statistics. That’s not to say you should not use them – it just means that they should not be summed up job search

Start using or they are Job Board combined. , Meaning that they reduce jobs from all the other job boards as well as company web sites to give you one place to find openings. Also look on Craig’s List is to be a great place to find local job postings. And do not over the Internet. Yes that’s right, you pull out the big pile of back to HR and use this simple technique.

First, find out who the hiring manager or key influencers are. You can usually do this by going to and make business search. Once you have the name and phone numbers give them a call and say something like: “My friend told me that you might be interested in someone with my background, I (set 2 sentence pitch), and I just have a few questions. For you . “

then ask them some questions to show that you’ve done some homework on their business. Be very friendly, down to earth and attractive and build some rapport, at some point they will ask you for your resume at which point you have now put you at the top pile decision maker and released on HR favorites. Using this trick can be the difference between being screened out and get noticed.


Recruiters have about 5-12% efficiency rate in securing a new position for you so you should consider whether they should be part of your plan. Here we are just talking about those who are paid a fee by the employer, and I would warn you to steer clear of them want you to pay a fee for their services.

Start by considering whether the type of position is usually filled with recruiters. For example, recruiters will not generally work with entry level people or career changers that employers are paying the hefty 20-30% benefits the first year the fee for them to find you. Entry level people are easy to find and recruiter will generally not offered a career change as a candidate if they have no track record in the relevant field.

If you decide to work with recruiters, then use the services of (hint: like ours) which will present again the largest number. These are inexpensive and very effective, especially in saving you time. Remember that recruiters in California to search for candidates in Texas, so do not limit your search site.


Net king efficiency of searching it has always been over 50% efficiency rate. Especially in this market, the network should be the heart of the search program that employers are much more likely to hire someone who is referred to them in comparison to a stranger. Net is not as much fun as applying through job boards and requires a lot more discipline, but the difference is not only in the effectiveness of growth, but also the quality of the job you get.

Most people think networking is sharing new friends and neighbors, but this is the worst thing you can do as you just lose control of the process you are waiting for your call. Network material is a long article in itself, but here are the basic techniques.

Develop “elevator pitch”, 3 to 5 phrases that describe who you are and why the employer should want to talk to you. Develop support materials containing network card too. Also make sure that you are based in is to be the top networking site for professionals.

Now know 5-10 companies that most interest to participate. You can use LinkedIn as a sports pretty powerful enterprise search tool to do this. Then research the company online with a variety of excellent tools like Zoom Info, talked High Beam and many others that you can easily find. Try to learn as much about the company as possible so that you can impress insiders.

The next step is to identify people within your organization that you can also do through LinkedIn. Now your job is to network log, where you can impress them with your knowledge of their challenges, and how you can help them. Start by thinking about people you know who knows someone who is inside the company. It’s great if you can get to the decision maker and it is equally good if you can get an insider to go back into the office. This is Step 1 in the net.

Step 2 is to expand the search to other companies. Remember that good networking is to ask people for advice that people are much more likely to give you advice and help you get a job. Here you want to know about industries, companies or people you should talk to that can help you focus your efforts. An easy, painless way to get going with this is to go to network meetings held regularly advertised in the local paper phone.

Now, if you are unemployed, plan to call 25 people and 3-5 face to face meetings a week. This is where discipline comes in, but after you’ve done this a few times, it will be easier. Ask each person who else you should talk to, and add them to the database

In short, the job search plan should include 3 main ways to contact the employer :. Job boards, recruiters and networking. Recognizing different efficiency percentage of each to secure a new position, make sure to put great emphasis on networking efforts. Remember, however, that there are fewer jobs open to them last year, you only need one. Follow these steps and you’ll slash your job search time considerably.