Five Teen Job Search Tips


How is teen job search going? It may be a “Help Wanted” signs everywhere you look – or not. Even if you apply every place that has a sign out, you may not be getting an interview or getting engaged. Plus, you want a job that is best for you – and best employer. What you need to consider to find a job? Check out these tips for teen job search.

Figure out what type of work would be best for you. Do you want to be in a busy environment to talk with customers constantly? Or would you rather be in a job where you interact only with your co-workers? What about a combination of both? For example, you might like to be around people but not talking to them about what clothes to buy or to them. Good combination could be working as a bagger at a grocery store where you can interact with a lot of customers, but in a very limited way.

How flexible schedule yours really is. If you already have many obligations throughout the week or on weekends, this can make it difficult for some employers. On the other hand, some employers have only limited help and you could be the perfect match. One key thing is to make sure you do not over commit in the beginning. If this is your first job, you have to get used to juggling new responsibilities with other ones. When you get a grasp of how it all works together, you can ask for more hours.

sure you have reliable transportation if you need it. It may go without saying, but if you can not drive, your job search will be more limited. It is not a good idea to apply for jobs that you need to run and hope you can make it work out. Get your parents to agree to drive you or figure out how to take public transport to get there before you commit to work.

Get creative in your search. Everyone, adults included, can get stuck on wanting to get the perfect job right from the start. You get it in your head that you have to work at your favorite clothing store phone. And then you do not get hired. What about that. Start again and continue looking at other employers. This work is probably not permanent. Balance that with what you want to do and time to find a solid job that will give you the experience (and earn money too). You can find this extra experience is what you

need to land the job you wanted originally.

Be consistent. It can be discouraging and frustrating to want to work and not be able to find anything. In addition to being creative, you also need to be consistent. Follow up on all the applications you have submitted either by phone or in person. If you go in person to try to do it when the boss is there and go dressed in an interview. One young man I know did some sales job. He kept his clothes in his car, changed after working another job and looked at the manager’s office on a regular basis to say that he was ready to go to work. It took awhile, but he got the job -. And went on to be one of the best in the office

These teenagers Master tips along with a good attitude will go a long way to help you get a job that works for you.


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