Innovative Techniques Masterclass


In 2010 and beyond, a number of candidates will be out of work. No doubt the number of candidates in the labor market increases when economic restructuring, reorganization and layoffs have increased the size of the number of candidates seeking work.

Candidates need to get used to other methods of job search. These two methods recommended:

1. Becoming a Job Search Entrepreneur

2. Using other technologies.

Becoming a Job Search Entrepreneur means running the job search campaign like your own business. This can be done by:

– Preventing mass marketing by sending your resume to speak of recruiters and not based on the new number of websites. This is a slow and tedious process that often fails to bring any results.

– Conducting extensive research. Here are some areas of research:

i. Corporate literature organization you want to work for. This will provide information about the organization.

ii. Find decision-making within the organization.

iii. Determine and research products and services the company offers.

iv. Research on tips about changing jobs.

v. Research whether the organization wants to see a resume first.

vi. Research on methods to conduct interviews. Write down as many questions you can answer these and ensure that specific behavioral examples are provided.

vii. Investigate any other relevant information about the organization.

– Bookmark the site of the structure and store it in your favorites folder.

– From the information studied, determine areas of interest.

– Check the products and service provided and ensure that those who fit your perception, interest and previous experience are identified.

– Make a list of institutions with similar products and services that are located on the territory of your interest.

– identify the specific decision-making in all these institutions.

– Continue to develop strategies to make the approach to the individual agencies

Alternative Technology is what I mean by using a different kind of job search techniques .. These include:

– Using sites such as Linked- to search for and find work.

– Creating a video presentation of yourself and put it on sites like U Tube or send it to a number of decisions.

– Writing self marketing articles.

-. Create blogs and websites

These methods have been used by a number of candidates to find work. Used effectively, the technology can be very useful in your job search.


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