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So I just took the job I applied and interviewed for the back post who have two positions available and post was recently updated, but when I go to the company website and sign it says I’m still “under consideration” for that job opening.

When reading the forums I see that it is hiring managers responsibility to go back through and change the status to “no longer under consideration,” the Hiring Manager has to go back through and do this for all monitoring of employees programs they approve. Sometimes they do not do this for everyone that there may be a few hundred at a time. They must recognize the electronically every time someone applies and when the position is filled or you are no longer counted because they do not go back through each applicant to admit that you either did not qualify or you did qualify but someone just had to have more experience than you. Keep the bait. Also, if the company website says that you are still under consideration, call them if it has been more than a week since you interview.

When you apply the original sometimes companies will email you admit that they received your application and or continue. In this email, they state that they will pass the information given and if you have the skills they are looking for someone will contact you. After receiving this email and it is good to call a few days to let them know that you are still available and interested if the position is still open. You can follow up email within two days to two weeks to let you know that you are no longer considered for the position, but it is best to wait for the follow up email.

Do not wait for an answer to one particular job opening. Keep applying other places. Keep up with checking the back and applications. Do not get discouraged if you find a job you apply for a return to job search site. If you are still interested, simply reapply. It may have been at the time the original query that there were more experienced candidates even though you did have the education they were looking for. Perhaps one of the first candidates may have not taken the opportunity. See Job posting again does not mean that you were not at least considered.


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