Masterclass Tips – Private Sector Job growth was anemic But Federal opportunities abound


Sometimes we allow circumstances to trap us and this goes for job search sites as well. You will hear comments on the sites is unreasonable commute or they narrow their focus until they lose the opportunity that is right in front of them. The real question should be how to free yourself up to economic work and live in good times and in bad. This article offers tips to get “fit” for the job search.

This article is not about downsizing your expectations of the job. This article is to make you more able to capture a job that suits your skills, experience and pay your score.

First, now may be the time to unload the house. If your home has become a boat anchor that keeps you from getting the job you want because you can not move or you can not deal with a commute to places that offer the opportunity, you may need to change the living formula. After all is not job security and career growth worth the peace of mind they want to buy. If marriage is strained by work stress, this can be a medicine the doctor ordered.

Second, think of movements that may be atypical. For example, if you work in the power industry, perhaps offered to move to a local, state or federal government job. Or, maybe you can overseas opportunities because of some special skills you have. Especially if you have any language you can brush off are global opportunities that will surprise you. Developing countries such as China, India, Brazil and parts of the Middle East are starved for infrastructure skills. The US is highly respected in many career fields. Perhaps it is time to “move” their skills. Not only can pay the bills, the tax benefits could prove dramatic.

Third, you really accurately assess skills. Are you unaware of the opportunities that can match the experience. Widening potential opportunities can create significant opportunities. If you are in construction and maintenance, perhaps moving side supporting the healthcare industry will move away from stagnating or declining the opportunity to grow strong ones.

Often times, we restrict ourselves. Take the time to uncover issues, perception and blinders that may limit your job search could be just what your job search needs. Consider what you have not considered. Supposedly it keeps you from broadening perspectives. Throw off the shackles and put your job search into high gear.


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