Top 10 Job Searching Tips


Top Ten job search tips

How many of them have you read? Here we go again, but this time I am concentrating on the issues that have arisen in the last two to three years, we often neglected or not used in the past; mainly it is to do with the new technology.

1. Get a professional email address.

canal . Now is the time to professionalization lise yourself, use the correct name or professional name.

2. Google yourself.

Sounds egotistic is not it? But just in case you write something for many years, and it raises her head to bite you in the leg, it is better to see what is out there on you in the cyber space. Also, while we’re at it, blog address, telephone number and address, all these can leave a digital footprint exposing yourself to other information.

3. Add email address to your CV or resume.

How often do I need to see this omission?

4. Start blogging.

This is a free way to get yourself known and build your site.

5. Join online job site

There are many :., TradeMe /, and also check out local listings newspaper online

6. Use social networking sites to your advantage.

Make special professional Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo etc account particular environment, maintain personal social networks to your friends.

7. Network.

Join communities and organizations related to your career. Check out the Yellow Pages and online directories to see what is available, the network with these people.

8. Specialize -. Check Topic Expert

A sophisticated community has many specialist roles, the more specific you are, or can become, the more expertise you can provide, and the more valuable the item employer. But do not forget to be general in all areas related to your job.

9. Lead from your strengths.

If you know what you’re good at, or above average, or just brilliant … then leave the area first. If you are good at public speaking then use it as the main form of your decisive strength.

10. Reduce your weaknesses.

Similar to the nine. Play down your weaknesses. Avoid (especially in the first two sessions) these things you are not so good, or generally do not like to do.


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